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Sarah Sitzler is a writer, director, and installation artist based in Brooklyn, NY.

Raised in South Jersey, she spent her childhood searching the Pine Barrens for the Jersey Devil. 

Her films and installations have shown in festivals and galleries across the U.S. 

Her experimental work explores ritual, femininity as divinity, kitsch, and the grotesque. 

A piece was once described as "Butterfield 8 on speed";

yet, another piece was described as "meditative".

Her narrative film work is characterized by realistic portraits of families

and communities grappling with poverty, addiction, and loss

in a realistic and observational style.

She would like to see more people on television smoking black and milds. 


Sarah taught filmmaking to middle school youth in Brooklyn

through the Xposure After School Program (2014-15).

Her students' "Work Hard" music video was nominated for a NY Emmy.

Sarah is currently focusing on fashion films, music videos, and writing new work.

















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